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Long-term Observations

Monthly report exported from ERP system as a data source for Excel user? Such report usually contains repeated headers, subtotal rows, wrong number format, ..., with export date but missing selected period. Then, a macro expert steps in, and "codes" (in localized version) copy and paste operations between hard-coded cell ranges between sheets! Or a user, who copies data from web (intranet) app into Excel, another user who does conditional sum by selecting non-adjacent cell ranges instead of using SumIF with defined condition. Manually created Pivot Tables, Pivot Tables from range instead of a table.
And how about next month? File > New and all over again.

These Excel classic workflows are still being used! Stop it

On the other hand enterprise Business Intelligence solution often shortly after implementation don't meet the requirements. One makes request to ticketing system, waits for a response and after 6 weeks a new column appears in report - too long, too expensive, minimal improvement.

Start your data revolution today

There's a better way!
Microsoft Self-Service Power Business Intelligence tools

You don't have to wait for business analysis built by IT professionals - Office 365 (also Office 2013 and higher) bring user friendly tools for tranforming data - Power Query, advanced data analysis - Power Pivot, means of interactive data visualization - Power View and all-in-one solution - Power BI Desktop. These tools may present foundations for real collaboration between IT and changing business needs for data-driven decision making.

Start turning your data into $

Implementation expenditures of Self-Service Power BI solutions save your expenses. It is surprising that an IT solution directly saves you costs and brings significant time savings along with an extraordinary reduction in error rates through open solutions without direct dependency on developers.

We have repeatedly witnessed the improvements made by the Microsoft Power BI ecosystem, and to show others the way, is a repeated satisfaction for us.

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