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Company-wide Restrictions Make it Impossible to Use Data Sources Efficiently?

Data revolution can be kickstarted by Power BI processing of classic Excel solutions, where exports from ERP applications to Excel (.xlsx), text files (.txt, .csv, etc.) or xml files will be used as the data source.
As an improvised data warehouse for workgroup, an Access database can be utilized where a linked table processed in Power Query would provide a data pump. Corectness of the data will be secured by setting up rules of referential integrity in Access data model. If the amount of data exceeds the Access capacity, SQL Server Express or higher edition provided by your IT department can be used.

Creating Power BI Report Flowchart

Are You Processing Reliable Data Sources with Secured Integrity of the data?

SQL Server Power BI Dataflow

Ideal data soures for your Self-Service Power Business Intelligence solutions are relational databases such as SQL Server, Oracle, SAP Business Objects, MySQL, MS Access etc. Data warehouses with data model in shape of a star or a snowflake make analysis phase easier and are more clear.
Power BI allows you to combine data sources and also processes SharePoint Lists or can connect to SQL Server Reporting Services. Power BI can also load the data from cloud data sources such as SQL Azure or from data feed from online sources.

On-premises Data Gateway

The On-premises data gateway acts as a bridge, providing quick and secure data transfer between on-premises data (data that is not in the cloud) and the Power BI, Microsoft Flow, Logic Apps, and PowerApps services.
MYou can use a single gateway with different services at the same time. If you are using Power BI as well as PowerApps, a single gateway can be used for both. It is dependent on the account you sign in with.
From official On-premises Data Gateway website

Power BI Data Gateway

Power BI Solutions Ecosystem

For team scenarios with a group of users who all interact regularly, collaboration and distribution could be handled directly within an App Workspace as depicted in the following diagram:

Power BI Solutions Ecosystem
Live Dashboard
Live Dashboard