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The Must-Have skills needed for data driven decision making are dramatically changing, no matter what field you work in. Set your sights on learning the language of data and bring game-changing dynamic analysis to your business. With, you learn the data language today and fulfill your company's data potential tomorrow!

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Types of Users

Power BI User Types

Providing end users with an analyst tool and expecting them to use it efficiently, generally does not lead to game-changing results.
Self-Service Power BI presents new opportunities for business to implement Data Fluent Culture where all employees, no matter the role, can make smart decisions based on facts by expanding users' skillset with Power Query, Power Pivot and DAX.

Data Fluent Culture distinguishes two types of users - sophisticated users who are part of an established analyst team and naive users - data consumers.

Naive Users

Naive users typically interact with database through a forms user interface where they fill in appropriate fields of the form. Naive users may also simply read dashboards and reports generated from the database. Common workflow of naive users consists of exporting ERP system reports and then manually cleaning and shaping the data because the exported structure is not suitable for analysis using pivot tables.

Sophisticated Users

Sophisticated user knows about the structure defined in the Data Warehouse. They have skills for accessing the database directly for getting required data. Skillset of a sophisticated user also consists of combining queries (merge, append), basic transform operations like Pivot & Unpivot, designing Power Pivot data models with star scheme with Fact and Dimension Tables, designing Data Marts for business team with secured referential integrity and uniqueness of the data.

Where naive users' typical workflow is repetitively time consuming and falls short of modern analysis expectations an analyst team of sophisticated users along with Power BI consultants come to aid and prepare modern and dynamic workflow for naive users and decrease amount of time needed to perform monthly analysis to only clicking one "magical" refresh button.

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